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´╗┐Cheap Moving Boxes and Supplies - Very Affordable Ones


There is little need to spend big money when it comes to purchasing moving boxes and supplies. Most movers purchase cheap moving supplies if they are on a strict budget, have little to move, or plan to move their things a short distance.

Search for cheap moving supplies sales and advertisements online, in local classifieds, shop advertisements, and in tv and radio commercials. Online shops like Benezra Boxes sell used moving boxes for affordable prices. Many of these boxes were customer returns as part of an unused bundle. Used boxes are sold in one piece to big bundles. These boxes may or might not come with writing on them. Block out the writing with a black permanent marker or cover with brown paper.

You do not have to visit a packaging and box store to find low priced boxes and supplies. Get cheap moving supplies such as packing tape, tissue paper, small boxes and envelopes at one dollar stores across the country. Since everything is a dollar or less people preparing for a move could stock up on small supplies like labels and permanent markers. Bubble wrap and rolled brown paper are normally found in the paper and writing aisle, while the tissue paper lines the shelves near the gift wrapping supplies.

Department stores like Kmart and Wal-Mart carry very cheap moving supplies. Locate boxes, tape, bubble wrap and markers in the paper and ink area of these stores. Unlike office supply stores, department stores tend to sell items like Sharpies for affordable prices.

Some department stores carry two wheeled dollies to help carry heavy boxes to and from the house. Also look online auction sites for sellers who offer cheap moving supplies and dollies with reasonable shipping and handling prices.

Cheap moving supplies such as big boxes and appliance boxes might end up difficult to find. Ask your local electronics and appliance stores if you could take or buy the boxes they toss out. Ask department stores too. They might suggest a certain time for people to come get the boxes before the boxes are bundled.

Be weary of online shops that offer cheap moving supplies and then charge a lot for shipping and handling. Online stores list their shipping and handling information on ordering, or FAQ pages. If this information seems difficult to find, use the contact form and ask.

While not necessarily cheap, companies with country wide, and even world wide, stores that provide free home delivery presents another option for those on low budgets. Also remeber to check closeout and overstock stores for cheap moving boxes and supplies they offer for sale.

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