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Moving Boxes packing and moving supplies: Questions Answered


Are you planning to move? While you can hire someone to do the packing and moving for you and your family, gathering moving boxes packing and moving supplies for various items and appliances might seem time consuming, but really is not that difficult to locate everything you need online.

The proper boxes packing and moving supplies can save you time, money and worry in the long run. That is why most online packaging and moving companies list items by categories. This makes each item easy for customers to find.

Many companies also include a FAQs, frequently asked questions, link with detailed answers on subjects like how to pack a box the right way and what kinds of supplies customers need for fragile items. The following are some of the most common questions asked concerning boxes packing and moving supplies.

Q. Where may I find moving boxes, packing and moving supplies for my home?

A. Boxes packing and moving supplies may be found in many places. There are moving companies devoted to selling only boxes and supplies made just for a moving home owner. Home improvement companies, like Home Depot and Lowes, offer customers easy to assemble moving boxes, supplies and kits. Many department stores, such as Kmart and Target, sell smaller boxes, different brands and types of packing tape, bubble wrap and envelopes in their stationary departments. Dollar stores also get in boxes packing and moving supplies like packing tape and brown wrapping paper.

Q. Where do I get wardrobe boxes for my clothing?

A. Many moving companies include wardrobe boxes that either lay down flat, or stand tall. A PVC or plastic pipe lines the top of the box enabling users to hang shirts, pants and other clothing they don't want to get wrinkled. A search for "moving supplies wardrobe" on a search engine like Google will give you a complete listing of companies offering these boxes for sale.

Q. Where could I find free boxes packing and moving supplies?

A. Use the newspaper, old magazines, and unprinted computer paper you have lying around as wrapping and stuffing. Fabric, washcloths, towels and t-shirts also make great protective wrappings for breakable knick-knacks, antiques and dinnerware. Find free boxes by visiting supermarkets, dollar stores, department stores, liquor stores and bars. Each gets in thick boxes strong enough to hold a dozen or so heavy items like soda, detergent, and liquor bottles. Most stores will be happy to give away the boxes that would otherwise be shipped to recycling plants. Don't forget to check out appliance and electronic stores for larger boxes to protect televisions, washing machines, and dishwashers.

To find more information on where to get moving boxes packing and moving supplies, search online or phone your local moving company.

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