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3rd Party Moving Services


Third party moving services are limited only by your imagination. After that, the globe is wide open to organization, quality of service, customer needs, and expectations. Third party moving services involve services that unpack crated items, crating of the best quality material, professional services for valued art pack and crating of Museum Quality pieces, upholstery and carpet cleaning, unpacking and maid service—unpacking, putting away dishes, china, silverware, kitchen utensils, straightening bathrooms and kitchens, removing packing materials, and vacuuming rugged areas.

On the other side, there are also third party moving services that do schrank work, which is to assemble intricate pieces; pool tables are disassembled and crated, marked legs to frame, and then assembled and leveled. Light fixtures and chandeliers are both disassembled and reassembled, for ceiling to existing electrical outlet, while attaching all the hardware. Appliances are unhooked and then re-hooked, while offering leveling and drum securing, disconnection with cap water line for ic emaker, gas dryer, gas range, and gas logs. Third party moving services also include grandfather clocks, which have their weights removed and pendulum secured, along with hammers and chimes.

Pianos and Baby Grands are disassembled with blanket wrap, attached to piano board. The straps, blanket and board are provided by the third party moving services. Waterbeds are disassembled and reassembled, no fill or drain. Also disassembled and drain with conditioner. Wall units are disassembled or assembled.

Third party moving services offer services that might or may not be listed when checking the internet. Some of them are furniture repair and refinish, sauna and hot tubs, satellite dish, electrical, new lines for dryer, plumbing, drains added for washer, carpentry, rigging, and crane service. Most services are offered by moving companies because it increases the competitive edge over other companies.

many specialized third party moving services offered by moving companies are custom crating, maid services and electrical & mechanical hookups. The custom crafting division refers to protection from shipping damages due to customized crating by the company. The precise dimensions of the items being shipped include any customer’s valuables such as marble and glass tabletops, a piano, or grandfather clock. Maid services are invaluable when the destination is finally reached—cleaning services are arranged to coordinate any of the unpacking and putting away of the household goods.

Many clients do not stop and consider the moving companies have third party moving services that include electrical and mechanical hookups. Special personnel are hired to handle a variety of jobs—appliances, waterbeds, pianos, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, and so on. Whatever has to be done, then the moving companies have third party moving services at the push of a button.

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