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Car Moving Services


Car moving services may be required for may reasons. Of course, the most popular reason is transporting a atomobile as part of a major household move, even though when moving long-distance it is a serious headache. Auto moving services takes the stress and puts it on someone else’s shoulders, especially when traveling overseas or international. Auto transporters are simply car moving services that pick up the vehicle, pack it, and deliver it to its new location. But to get to that point, several steps must be taken.

First of all, car moving services is expensive. And the question that must be asked is, “what will it cost me to have my car transported?” Research a lot of vehicle-transporting companies to get a good comparison, with several provisions needed:

• The origination and destination
• Departure date, or estimated departure date
• Types of vehicles
• Kind of care transport desired, such as door to door or terminal to terminal
• Special care transport, such as enclosed auto transport

Most car moving services may not require any advance payment, but others will require a deposit of 10-25% of the total cost. Others require full payment in advance, but if a deposit has been paid the balance will be always due at the time of delivery. Method of payment is usually cashiers cheque or cash most of the car moving services, but if a credit card is used then occasionally a 2-3% surcharge is added.

Always read the contract instead of accepting any verbal agreements with any car moving services. Once it is signed, they will always refer to the contract for any later complaints. Sometimes the contract will cover a one to two week delay that sometimes happens, as they occasionally do not guarantee any delivery or pick-up date, which should be stated in the clause.

Car moving services will require extra insurance on the vehicles, such as being insured against damage and theft by the car transport company. Ask the insurance company for a copy of insurance coverage, verifiable in writing for such things as damage deductible. But even if the auto is covered, verify the carrier’s insurance to see if it is primary or secondary to the owner’s insurance in case anything happens en route. Any personal items left in the vehicle will not be insured, and if heavy items are placed in the trunk then there is a possibility that the car’s undercarriage might become damaged.

When the vehicle is in the process of being picked up by the car moving services, make sure the “Original Inspection Report” is received before the vehicle leaves. It gives the pick up and delivery information, current mileage, and shows the condition of the vehicle at pick up—such as pre-existing dents and scratches, cracked glass or windows, the paint condition, and so on. When the car is received, compare it against the report.
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