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´╗┐Councils for Employee Relocation?

from: www.relocationandmovingservices.com

Many states in the US and provinces in Canada have separate Councils for Employee Relocation that serve as local repositories and training centers for those who act as the facilitators of employee relocation programs on behalf of mid-sized to huge corporations. These organizations are separate non-profit organizations that are not extensions of the bigger international group formerly known as the Employee Relocation Council, now called Worldwide ERC.

These councils for employee relocation play an important role in assisting with the collection of data that is used to make regular reports on the state of the employee relocation industry. This important function not only assists with keeping metrics and informing the membership body but also, lets these organizations to identify lobbying issues that are importance to the statewide membership. Most have a secondary mission of lobbying state legislatures and drafting favorable legislation to be introduced during sessions.

While they are not located in all states, those with a separate council for employee relocation offices serve as repositories of information, allowing people to study in preparation for Worldwide ERC certification testing. They are also very good places for corporate relocation specialists to meet each other and network. Monthly newsletters, whether printed or electronic, are used to inform the membership of available services and coming events.

Some of the larger cities are now following the trend of institutional localization of physical resources while administering some aspect of globalization and have started up local councils for employee relocation that serve a lot of the same functions as the statewide organizations, with more of a focus on face-to-face networking among members of the profession. Unlike the national body of Worldwide ERC, such organizations let anyone to attend organizational meetings. This way, human resources (HR) department representatives of corporations in the area could meet their freelance counterparts who very often work and a subcontractor to such corporations.

Regardless of the size of an area these councils for employee relocation may represent, each one serves to promote local concerns that may not be addressed at the national level. This may include city or state legislation that threatens to impact some sector of the diverse industries that corporate relocation touches. Also commonly addressed are issues pertaining to the local real estate market as well as the rules and regulations that govern local tax law and insurance rates. A few areas that are regularly impacted by severe weather or other natural phenomena are also unable to have their unique issues addressed by national organizations.

Employee relocation professionals that are searching to network and discuss issues of regional or local importance often have membership in both the local Councils for Employee Relocation as well as the certifying agency of Worldwide ERC.

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